Sacred Sentient Science is about honoring life.  The development of the Sacred encourages reverence for life and connectedness to all realms.  One becomes Sentient, not only to the sensibilities of this world but also by acknowledging a deeper and more profound understanding of life.  Science allows us to organize our understandings and pursue ever-greater knowledge and wisdom.  Wisdom leads us to the resolution of the mysteries of life.  Each mystery is an equation and Zero Point is the Sacred Place where we may clear the slate and begin again.


Dr. Brooks is a Naturopathic Physician specializing in Forensic Bio-Rhythmic and Functional Medicine as well as Quantum Emotional-Energetic Care.  She also holds the title of Reverend through G.I.F.T.S. ministry.   Her focus is always aligned with the health and wellbeing of the peoples of the Earth.


Prepping for Winter Health – part 1

Prepping for Winter Health…. part 1   There are stages that we go through when the body is trying to defend itself from all the exposures that come along with wintertime. It is the normal state of health to be able to moderate the body temperature with ease and to be immunologically strong even when…


Prepping for Winter Health – part 2

Prepping for Winter Health… part 2   If there appear symptoms, such as sore throat, swollen glands, and sluggish bowels, then these are signs that the body is not keeping up. The first thing to do is clear the bowel. This is the most common area to cause problems. A colon cleansing product or herbal…


Roots. Tubers, Cruciferous and Leafy

Eat Your Veggies If you live in a major metropolitan area, you may have greater access to a wide range of VEGGIES.  Vegetables sustain populations around the globe.  Some vegetables have varietals available in diverse climates.  It is always amazing that plants of the same type are so wide ranging.  Some vegetables are unique to…


Love Your Liver

Of all the organs that could derail your best efforts to eat well and stay active… it’s the liver.  Less than luminous skin, sluggishness in the morning, intolerance for certain foods, cravings for foods you know are best saved for treats, reliance on coffee or sport drinks, lines and dry skin, stiff dry hair and…



There is generally much confusion about what kinds of fats and oils are actually good for us in our diet.  What people eat around the globe varies greatly.  All societies have their favored foods that contain a high fat content.  Fats are good for us.  They form cholesterol in the liver and cholesterol forms a…



There are four main Metabolic Body Types. The metabolic type indicates which organ of the Endocrine System has the greatest influence on the metabolism (ability to convert nutrients and to energy), on the size and shape of the body and on the mind set and emotional priorities of an individual’s constitution.



Does Your Intention Count?

Does Your Intention Count?   The intentions we carry are founded in our moral and ethical motivations. This does call for a bit of Soul Searching to determine what our motivations in life are all about. Generally, people have one overriding motivational mind-set. For every Human Being, there are just as many motivations… and these…


Gratitude… In Advance

Gratitude… in Advance!   It is easier to find that little seed of recognition within… when something good has already happened. After the gift has been given, we remember our Selves and are thankful for what we have received. It is far less easy to recall reasons for gratitude when nothing much has changed and…



Conditioning…   When an athlete wants to prepare for an event or a season, she puts herself through a series of conditioning exercises in order be at her best. When a singer is getting ready for a concert, he prepares by conditioning the voice with scales and practice of the songs. When an inventor is…


A World of Communication

We live in a world connected by communication. Radio, television, the Web and Social Media are creating a network of connectedness. We can find a wealth of information, graciously placed at our disposal by News outlets, Universities, Companies, Interest Groups and Individuals. We can send any variety of intelligence and information to anyone at any…


Meditation as Self Mediation

Meditation has been common to Mankind since the beginning of time. There are formal and informal variations of this theme. Formal meditation practice requires taking time away from daily activities and making space for the actual practice. However, simple practice of meditation techniques does not make a person wiser or more profoundly in touch with…


A Sweet Life

So much of modern culture brings us into the outside life… and very little of it brings us into our inner life. Yet, we have an obligation to grow our inner life as Human Beings. It leaves us in a strange dichotomy. When our spaces in time and activity are not filled… we begin to…


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