To many times we hear ourselves say… if only I had the time… the resources… the talent…

In that very moment the process of having any of those three things just got dismissed!

 It is amazing how often and how conclusively a person can shut down the dream of ‘Becoming’.  It is too easy to use the 3rd dimensional life as an excuse.  It doesn’t feel like an excuse when we are considering all the objectives of our day and the time those will take.  It seems like reality!  But the things of the world that keep us ‘doing’ an unending list of activities and duties, serve to disengage us from our truest reality.

                                                          Our desire to

                                            Be more and Be meaningful!

is easily shoved aside for the needs of the moment and the desires of the day.  When we think about the priorities set in the 3rd dimensional world, it may appear insurmountable to find time for our talents and time for our truth.  If we are engaged in things that are important but do not allow us time to think… about who we are…

                                                      about what we want

                                                      about who we could become

                                                      about what more we could do

                                                      about how we might affect our world

Then… we have missed the point

                                                      about why we are here!

Taking time to dream, to visualize, to mind-map ways to grow our future development, is not only important to our Self.  It is ultimately important to the foundations of the world.  We, none of us, know what we might contribute or whom we might Become… given some thought and attention to more than our everyday activities.

We forget that we actually have, not only an obligation to our own development but to the example of hope and trust that we can engender in our friends, community, children and nation… all because we dare to

                                                        Take the Time

                                            Be all that we meant to Be!!