Meditation has been common to Mankind since the beginning of time. There are formal and informal variations of this theme. Formal meditation practice requires taking time away from daily activities and making space for the actual practice. However, simple practice of meditation techniques does not make a person wiser or more profoundly in touch with the heartbeat and rhythms of the Universe nor the complexities of human interaction. It may bring calm to the system by forced acquiescence to sitting still but of it’s own accord, it does not produce a notably better Human Being. The practice of a technique of meditation is not the key to it’s profound and wonderful possibilities. It is the access to deeper levels of our capacities and consciousness that brings results.


Both formal and informal meditation can take us to the Alpha and even the Theta States of brain wave activity so that we turn down the brain volume and turn up the consciousness level.   This lays the grounding to become present, accountable for our Self development and capable of immense opening of our field of energetic Being to new and better ways of Becoming… whom we really meant to Be.


The more informal mode of meditation is often mistaken for merely thinking but it actually, when we allow for it, can become contemplation. Contemplation takes our mind to a deeper state where we are more open to new thoughts and better means… to life understandings. With practice, a person can become more cognizant of letting the emotions recede from dominating the thought process, the mind to quiet from considering all the minutia of living and for an conscious willingness to find answers… to become the goal.


It is important to recognize the difference between ruminating on our close held beliefs so that they become more entrenched in our belief system and truly opening our consciousness to recreate and reformulate our past thoughts and modes of handling life ‘s dilemmas and the progress of our own inner development.


Using a catalyst such as physical positioning, chanting, a mantra, toning, prayer or simple quietude… the object is to calm the mental harangue that is in most minds and allow one to become present in that moment in time and empty of all preoccupations and preconceptions.


Preoccupations are all the must have, must do, must become, and even the must not’s… that send the mind reeling through a continuous cascade of emotional gymnastics, as subjects are put through the mental wringer. The tendency is to over think the same things but get nowhere in terms of enlightenment of what is motivating the situation of the moment or what to do about it. There is a mental grind through the overwhelming aspects of life but little progress as to how best to respond.


Preconceptions have to do with what is already constructed in the heart and the mind. These paradigms are believed to be correct, better than others and inescapable. They are the examples set in the family lineage, the patterns of societal acceptability and the acquiescence within the individual… that traps the person into repetition of those set patterns. Preconceptions block the emotions and stultify the mind with absolutes and dogma. This bottleneck of emotion and the consequent reaction to life so shocks the system that most people have a difficult time changing their minds. To change the mind, one must change the emotions that are running behind what the mind perceives to be true. In other words… we must change the Heart!


Blocked emotions do not allow for new information and new ways of understanding. Biased behavior speaks of a dogmatic “rightness” about the particular beliefs and patterns… that are faulty from not being updated and renewed.


Meditation… whether approached from a formal or an informal means, takes the mind into a deeper State of Being. Thereby, the mind stops turning over the same old information and the emotions settle into the background. What may appear as a void of all thought and activity is actually a Sacred Space for all possibility!


The more often a person engages in profound contemplation by either formally or informally opening that Sacred Space, the more quickly and absolutely will answers and new understandings occur. These understandings will initiate more profound, more flexible and more conscientiously honest ‘knowing’ of the situation or need that is being confronted.


In this way, Meditation is Self Mediation. Deep contemplation, by whichever means, profits the development of the Humanity in each individual. It teaches anyone who willingly practices, Self-governance and Self-awareness. The Sacred Space of humanity within the individual is broadened, the solutions to life situations are brought into the conscious mind and the Heart Intelligence is expanded to include new and more appropriate means of responding to the challenges of Life and to extend, those heartfelt understandings to those we share life with.


Meditation, contemplation and subsequent appropriate action… are the means to Mediate Life.