Does Your Intention Count?


The intentions we carry are founded in our moral and ethical motivations.

This does call for a bit of Soul Searching to determine what our motivations in life are all about. Generally, people have one overriding motivational mind-set. For every Human Being, there are just as many motivations… and these create a thread for their activity in life. These primal motivations are the basis for the person’s intentions.


A person may view life from the need for of self-protection. That person’s motivations will center on safety and inclusion or exclusion of persons and possibilities… according to his or her perception of security. The person intends to find any possible safe spot in every part of life and will sometimes forfeit true safety for the illusion of the same. They may choose a mate who is abusive, a cheat or financially incompetent, but who claims to provide security. The person may choose a thankless job for a paycheck that never meets even basic needs. His intention is skewed by his lack of clarity about what motivates him in life. The lack of inner surety makes him accept many things that continue to keep him insecure.



Another person may have the need to win at all cost. Every point and person will be subject to his coming out on top. Even if there are very real pitfalls and a good share of the wins are actually illusion, the person is motivated to never feel that he is losing anything or anyone. He will sacrifice loving relationships and secure jobs situations in order to always feel that he has won the round… even if he is losing the war that he has created in his life. This person may become a serial monogamist but never settle down, if he sees that as losing his rights and liberties. He may go to school for years in order not to make a mistake and lose his options for the future. He could be fractious at work and lose many opportunities but think that he had the last word and walked away. This person who is motivated by winning (or not losing) may cheat, lie or steal, whether in reality or by emotional blackmail, in order to win a point over others. In the end… all his intentions make him the loser.



Some people are motivated by aggrandizement. They are focused on how they are perceived by others outside of themselves and cannot get a clear internal view of whom and how they are… for themselves. They are motivated by ‘looking good’ to others.   The person who must be acknowledged by everyone around them or by the greater public may intend to achieve that recognition by any means and lose his self-esteem along the way. The motivation that drives him to find personal recognition may or may not include developing his greatest talents and capacities and often the intention to be lauded falls flat.



Still, other persons are motivated by, supplying their own acceptability in life. They are often philanthropic and sympathetic toward others and ‘causes’ in order to feel worthy. These people will be motivated by ‘being good’ in order to gain approval.

For the one who must tirelessly do good works on behalf of others, the intention is often well motivated but can end up with the person sentencing themselves to the endless burdens of others while never finding themselves. The dislocation of his primary Being for the sake of others runs the risk of eventually becoming a vacant spot in the Soul. The intention to be good and do good must be tempered by the capacity know one’s Self and create wellbeing in one’s own life as well.


Whether we are motivated by self need or utilizing the best of our abilities, our intentions are going to come from where we really live in our heads and in our hearts. The best of intentions cannot run false to our primary motivations in life. Therefore, it is wise to discern what we are truly motivated by… and what inspired that motivational point of view. Were we raised in an environment where the wounds of the heart skewed our thoughts toward self-preservation and fear of losing our place in life? Did we enter this life with Soul work yet unfinished and these are the challenges that are placed before us in order that we choose more consciously… what we are motivated by and what intentions we form. Have we formed habits accumulated from and influenced by our society, that are not faithful to our truest Self, but which we follow without thought?


These are the questions that every Human Being must ask in order that they may reorient their motivations… like compass that points true North. True North is our best and truest point of orientation as a person and as a Soul. For a Human Being True North can represent our loving heart, unfettered by disillusionment, self-direction, shame or loss of our inherent identity. Then and only then, will our intentions in life mark our activity on the planet, with our proper and pure motivation.