We have been conditioned to think of our lives, health, knowledge and the earthly experience as being the only ‘reality’.  However, when we actually examine our understandings, it becomes increasingly evident that these understandings, no matter how fast and furiously they are thrown at us… are just grazing the surface.  Think of the concept of ‘experts’ in any particular field.  They only know what they have learned over time and therefore the knowledge is up to that moment in time.  Given a week, a month, or a year… the expert knowledge of that moment is occluded by new understandings.

Any knowledge that is broad enough and deep enough to be ahead of the pack and profound enough to break barriers of understanding, instills in it’s bearer the absolute understanding that there is so much more to know that… the person would never consider himself to know all there will ever be to know.

Yet, in our endless quest to find erudition, conviction, and perhaps absolution… we humans love the concrete… absolutes are a seemingly safe territory where we can become convinced of our place in this vast wilderness and our rightness in the firmament.  In other words… we like to think that there are answers and facts with immutable diagrams of the greater plan… and that we can uncover all of these.  The pinnacle of this search would be dissolution of every mystery and an incontrovertible understanding of creation.

However, our understandings are like mega pixels.  Small as a mega pixel is… it is still ‘mega’.  What is behind that which we can see, and materially understand… is a cascade of mini pixels, and behind those may well be nano-pixels… each of these are but an extension from it’s originating spark, gathering matter and resonance and evolving into the mega pixel that we can see and know of.  No matter how sophisticated the telescope or the microscope… there is little likelihood that we will ever glimpse the spark.  Therefore, there is no ‘reality’ to our quest for the absolute… in a world of flexibility and potential.

Still… we do not feel at all comfortable with unknowns.  Humans have some ‘Trojan Horse’ virus inside our workings that is triggered into abject fear… when we cannot discern an absolute answer and if we cannot reason our self into some comforting factoids… even if we have missed the point entirely!  We get our selves so immersed in the forest of endless facts that we can no longer see the individual trees that bear the answers. We can get so stuck on isolated answers for the puzzles of life, that we can no longer see the whole forest of possibilities.

A little ‘mystery’ in life is a joy!  We are inspired and struck with awe… and that is a good thing!   Without it, our god complex gets out of hand and our humility and gratefulness dissipates.   We are only human.  But being a Human Being requires us to also be a seeker, a doer, a recipient and an influencer.  Not a god (or goddess) of absoluteness.  Our quest for answers as to how we, as Human Beings and the Universe are configured, is intriguing and should be unending.   But our conviction that what we can, will and must discover… is merely the beginning of what we seek.  The end of that quest is only an illusion… so that we might feel the comfort of the ‘known’.  What we actually discover will be an illustration… of the Laws and Formative Powers of the Universal big picture.   That potency is not only immeasurable… but… yielding of all potential.