It is a shame that we have been talked out of this thought. Often I ask a person to go back to their earliest memory of being

“in joy”.  Too many times it is difficult to stir that memory.  Some people tell me, they have no early memories at all.  The reason I ask them to go back to an early time in their life is, so that they might capture a glimpse of who they once were and meant to be!

Our lives are such a challenge with a whirlwind of activities and expectations in everyday life.  We tend to think that all of those needs and expectations are imposed on our life from external sources, but the vast majority are the things we have chosen to incorporate.  Along the course of life… we have said yes… I will have, do, become, strive for, fulfill, and put up with… all the things that later seem disproportionate and overwhelming.  Because our minds are overwhelmed with all the tasks and demands that we somehow have decided are necessary, something has to be eliminated.  The majority of folks have eliminated early life from their conscious memory.  Whenever life became overwhelmed with complications, they simply stopped retaining an active memory of it.  Not having files in the mind that can be readily recalled is a sure sign of having been overwhelmed.  Learning to resurrect early joy is a good beginning for relearning — who you meant to be… and all the natural and free joy that should be.  We all meant to be… happy and intentional and good and creative and to have a life full of exploration, learning and finding our own unique way of giving back to humanity.

We also meant to have the things on our “to do” list that are about our Soul lessons.  So… we come into the families who will support and test who we are and what we are made of.  Yes– they do both!  Some are more on one side of the equation than others.  Those who endure degrees of difficulty in their families, feel that they got the shaft.  Those who have a soft landing in their family group, often just assume that they got what they deserve and it is naturally right.

Immediately you can see where Soul growth is required.  Those with a chip on their shoulder (didn’t get enough or conversely – got too much of a bad thing) have all the hurt and loss to overcome.  Those with the more idyllic family, have their superiority and entitlement to overcome.  There simply are no perfect scenarios where, there is no challenge at the Soul level.  Everyone has work to do.

 Life is indeed, an equal opportunity employer!


There is always something to be worked on (any number of things really).  We do not start with a blank slate and we get to do what we want.  We have a slate full to overflowing with the things we have promised ourselves to work on and get better at.

That is why life is lovely…. and so are we.  The work of our lives is something we should be proud of.  It’s like merit badges for persevering, sometimes against daunting odds and doing our best to come out on the appropriate end of things.

And what is that exactly — you might ask?   Coming through it all, knowing that …. there is Joy in the work of Life!


Life is lovely and so are You!