When an athlete wants to prepare for an event or a season, she puts herself through a series of conditioning exercises in order be at her best. When a singer is getting ready for a concert, he prepares by conditioning the voice with scales and practice of the songs. When an inventor is considering a new possibility, there is a process of conditioning, not only of mental review and revision of the options but of opening the emotional gyre in order formulate. The idea is to not block the possibilities with preconceived ideas. In each case, the person is willingly preparing for his optimal performance by conditioning, mind, body and spirit. Without conditioning… not only in the obvious areas directly needed for the particular area of expertise, but in reality, also throughout one’s Being… the capacities will remain unopened, and therefore unprepared to contribute to an optimal opportunity.


In reality… conditioning is an artful way to prepare for anything in life. As with those who prepare for particular needs, conditioning will always open the pathways for ultimate performance in every area of life. It doesn’t matter if we are considering the meal to be prepared or a poem to be written. What we do to unblock our reserves of genius, to message our willingness into liveliness and to get out of our stuck thinking patterns… can make all the difference in the outcome.


So often, if we took time to examine our inner attitudes, we would find that we are in an internal battle. That battle might be based in habitual laziness, fear of performance, or negative rehash from others. It might come from being tired, yet having a task to do at work or at home. It might stem from overwhelm from too much pressure to get a multitude of things accomplished and seemingly, not enough time or attention for any of them individually. There could be a block to making the most of the opportunities at hand for feeling that there are never enough opportunities overall… or at least, not the ones that are desired. Whatever the areas that are blocked up with tiresome and outdated ways of thinking and physical weariness… conditioning can make all the difference.


The great thing about creating patterns of conditioning is that they inherently break one away from old resistance and break down outdated patterns of behavior. A brisk walk, a positive resolution toward the desired end, some deep breathing, a few minutes of true reflection, some yoga stretches, taking a shower with a cold splash at the end. The simplest things can turn the mind and re-establish healthy rhythms in the body. A moment of profound consideration as to how…

what we do in the moment will affect what we will be in the future

and will change the life you have now… completely!

Once we revise our mode of operations… the world is a lot more forthcoming, interesting and engaging. No matter how normal and usual the task or how much we wish to shine with a new and improved capacity… conditioning mind, body and spirit… makes a huge difference in the outcome.