Prepping for Winter Health… part 2


If there appear symptoms, such as sore throat, swollen glands, and sluggish bowels, then these are signs that the body is not keeping up. The first thing to do is clear the bowel. This is the most common area to cause problems.

A colon cleansing product or herbal laxative, enema, or colonic hydrotherapy session can quickly clear the bowel of undigested matter and debris, bring down inflammation and prepare it to receive nutrients that will get the body back on track. Regularity of the bowels is critical and not clearing the bowel everyday is most often the cause of illness in adults and children.


Gargling with very warm salt water will disinfect the tissues of the throat and mouth, where pathogens may be lurking. If the body either does not have the necessary nutrients or has become overburdened while trying to fight off germs from the environment, then when we breathe or ingest those, they can cause disruption. The areas most susceptible must be cleared. Even young children can learn to gargle and that can save them from a great deal of pain.


The glands of the neck (under the ear, along the jaw, down the throat, into the lung/chest) are part of the immune system. MSM is critical to clearing these glands. Herbal salve and message can be applied. After messaging the glands to open them up and clear stuck fluids, apply a thick paste of herbal salve, cover with a soft old cloth and use a small hot water bottle on the area. The heat will penetrate the herbs and loosen the congestion.


Lemon/honey/cinnamon stirred together and taken by the spoonful or stirred into hot water as a lemon-aide, can sooth can heal a sore throat and restore the body PH.


Any time the body is sore, inflamed and run down, a cup of one of the most healing herbs available to us can sustain nutritional needs and calm the mucous membranes from mouth to anus. Slippery Elm Tea is made from the inner bark of the Elm tree. It is highly nutritious and soothing, clarifying to blood and kidneys (which are associated with the health of the lungs) and can turn any acute illness around profoundly and quickly. (It is important to supply usable energy when the body is sick.)


To make one mug of tea….Creamy, sweet, nutty and warming!

Particularly excellent first thing in the morning as well as after bath or sauna to warm the interior body.


1 tsp. Slippery Elm Powder (preferable to the shavings when possible)

1-2 tsp. raw, unfiltered/unheated honey (very healing also)

stir thoroughly into a paste… then add hot water continuing to stir until dissolved

add nut milk if desired


Fevers tend to come at the end of the Circadian Cycle of peak use in the afternoon and at the end of the repair cycle during the night.

They spike, generally, at 3-4 AM   and 3-4 PM.

Taking a hot bath or sauna (providing the patient is not too weak or faint) especially at the afternoon peak time, can help restore body energy and is also key to breaking the fever which will usually occur at the end of the AM repair cycle.   A quarter pound each of Epsom or magnesium salts, baking soda, apple cider vinegar and sea salt can be added to the bath.

These clarify the skin for release of toxins, help restore needed electrolytes and minerals in general and, in the case of any outbreaks as with measles or chicken pox, they can take away the itch and help to heal. After a bath or sauna, it is imperative to dress in absorbent natural fiber clothing (synthetics cannot absorb and as the person sweats, synthetics will chill the sick person), and wrap in wool blankets. Keeping the heat of the body up will allow the fever to do it’s beneficial work and then ‘break’ (finish it’s purpose and end).


The fever is there to do two things.

Firstly, it raises the internal temperature so that any noxious elements in the body will be burned up and killed off.

Secondly, it instigates the repair process so the body can heal.

Ideally, this process is allowed to take place. Pain modifiers should be used mainly to allow for sleep but not to impede the fever cycle, unless it exceeds norm.

If the temperature should suddenly rise to 102 or 103 degrees, then the person will need extended help. That is the appropriate time to seek medical attention. Meanwhile, applying cold compresses to head, wrists and stomach can relieve a sharp spike and give time for other measures. 1tsp of baking soda in water will often radically change the temperature and render it back to the state where it is helpful to the body. These measures will give time to seek greater medical attention.