Article I – Structure

There are four main Metabolic Body Types.  The metabolic type indicates which organ of the Endocrine System has the greatest influence on the metabolism (ability to convert nutrients and to energy), on the size and shape of the body and on the mind set and emotional priorities of an individual’s constitution. Below is a description of the types. In future we will compare other systems of assessment, foods that augment wellbeing for your type and the emotional make-up of each type.


                                         Article I                   Part I

Adrenal Metabolic Type is the Hunter.  The Adrenal type is squat, short to average height, has a large build across the shoulders, chest and mid-rift, small hips, long arms, shorter legs.  This person has the most endurance and immediate reserves of physical strength. This person goes hard until exhaustion sets in.  Sleep apnea, snoring and overheating are the nighttime challenges.

The Adrenal type is a meat eater by nature.  He is inclined toward fats and salt and needs to be moderate on those.  Vegetables are far better than starchy or carbohydrate laden foods.  This person needs a hearty breakfast and lunch and a light dinner.  All meals require protein to fuel this powerful body and minerals to burn.

The Adrenal type can run into problems by forcing high activity all the time.  His/her ‘can do’ attitude can and eventually will… cause burn out.  Gut issues, heart failure and inflammation are the end result of not enough care with diet and energy output.  Anti-oxidants help to tame the tendency toward inflammation in this body type.  Weight gain is in the belly, shoulders, neck and face (in that order).  The hips and legs will remain muscular in men and slim in the thigh, in women.

The Adrenal person is a short muscle type.  Short muscle bulk up easily and quickly… but can become ‘muscle bound, where flexibility is lost. The Adrenal body type has a potential for ponderous energy and therefore needs to counter the body’s natural capacity to contract muscle through lifting and carrying by way of stretching and core work such as Yoga and Pilates.





Article I                Part II

The Thyroid Body Type is the runner and Fisher and is long limbed, lean and a natural ‘doer’ for short bursts with the need to replenish often.  This person needs tremendous energy to constantly nourish the high metabolic rate that the body runs at.  This person is inclined to quick fixes for energy such as sweets and carbohydrates and this will exacerbate the tendency to nervousness and anxiety.  The mid–morning is the higher energy point of the day and this body type does much better with an early afternoon rest.  Nervous anxiety, restless leg syndrome, wakefulness and chills in the night can be a problem when under nourished.  This body type only sustains energy if fed every three hours.  Protein (especially lighter varieties such as fish, poultry), dairy, whole grains, beans and legumes (as they come from the plant with no preprocessing) and vegetables are best.  Minerals are important to everyone but the thyroid type has a long skeletal frame and high-energy output and therefore needs more minerals to burn and to build upon structurally.  This is especially true at puberty when this body type may grow a foot or more in less than a year. If anything, the thyroid type may have a hard time keeping enough weight on the frame and any privation or illness can weaken the system to the point of exhaustion. The Thyroid body type moves quickly through life, both mentally and physically, as long as both the brain and the body get enough fuel.  This type has long muscles that do not easily bulk up and if not well nurtured, this type tends toward stiffness and arthritic inflammation.  The Thyroid body type tends to have a weak core because the extra height requires more mid-body muscle strength to hold up the taller frame.  Therefore, a combination of core driven exercise and weights are excellent for developing balance in the system.


                                               Article I            Part III

The Pituitary Type is the Thinker and Philosopher of the body types.  This person has a large head and broad shoulders, slim straight hips and tends to be tall. The general overall look is a V shape, from shoulders down to feet. Weight gain is in the head, shoulders and then belly. Women have large breasts and men may tend toward spongy softness if fitness is not maintained.  This type tends to a be a night owl, not wanting to turn off the brain power, but  is usually a deep sleeper, which is necessary to regeneration of the thinking power.  Because the nature of this type is to over think and worry, being athletic and considering what is eaten is not what the Pituitary type has as priorities.  This type likes dairy and salt but ideally would curb these toward very moderate amounts of dairy and grains.  Beans and legumes, vegetables and then protein with an emphasis on mineral rich foods and omega rich vegetal and animal source oils for the brain, should be emphasized. This person’s peak is in mid-morning. Daylight and exercise are imperative to be gotten by ten to eleven in the morning.  It is imperative for the Pituitary Type to not ‘sleep in’.  Food, movement and sunlight, wake up the brain and fire up the metabolism of an otherwise sluggish tendency. The pituitary type has more long muscle than short and therefore needs to lift weights to regain strength.  The pituitary is a walker and this with some core strengthening can keep vitality high.

                                                    Article I     Part IV

The Gonadal Type refers to women only.  This is only seen in men when there is a breakdown of the pineal/pituitary/ hypothalamus axis with pursuant low testosterone and gonadal (testes) function.  The natural shape of the body begins to spread with weakening in the shoulders/chest and middle/ hip ratio enlarges.  If this happens, then hormonal balance, sleep re-patterning and higher physical activity are required.

The Gonadal Female Type is the child bearer and nurturer.  She is smaller in the shoulders and breast, very small in the waist and has A-shaped hips graduating from moderate to wider at the thigh junction.  Weight gain is in the thighs and buttocks and if this becomes extreme, then the gonads (ovaries) are not functioning hormonally as they should.  Low functionality of the ovaries does not curb ovulation but severely impacts the body metabolism.  This type craves fats and sugars.  Sugars run against the primary needs but fats, both vegetal and animal in origin, keep this type from gaining too much weight.  This type needs to eat smaller meals four times a day, often preferring 10:00 to 11:00 am and 4:00 to 5:00 pm as main meal times, with a snack in between and a little light protein in the evening.  This body type has an endurance that outranks the others but may fall prey to debilities of the digestion and bowel on the short term.  Ideally, a rest at mid-day works to sustain energy, but like the adrenal, this type can keep going and tends to sleep early and well. Fiber, foods rich in antioxidants and minerals such as berries and fruits, beans and legumes and protein, in that order work well for this type.  This type has long arms and torso and a wider shorter lower half.  Therefore the gonadal has both long and short muscle and is a good athlete, but has a hard time getting motivated.  Core workouts along with walking/dancing and some weights keep this person proportional and in shape.



Most people are of one body type but some people have a combination of two body types.  One type will be dominant and the other secondary.  However, if there is sickness or debilitation, it can become necessary to attend to the requirements of the secondary metabolic type to rebuild the system.

With the combination metabolic types, a person may be tall and lean with the normal to small head of a Thyroid type but have the large shoulders and breasts of a Pituitary type.  Therefore the person is dominantly a Thyroid and should be guided by that with a secondary Pituitary, so should keep those needs in mind as back up.


A person might be a dominant Pituitary with a secondary Adrenal.  The person will have a big head, broad shoulders, barrel chest. But be shorter than the usual Pituitary type would be.  If the dominance is reversed, (Adrenal primary with Pituitary secondarily) then the person will have a normal head, broad shoulders and midsection but be long legged.

Generally, people are either of one type or a dominate of one type and a secondary of another.


Primary Types:


Adrenal::: Stocky, broad chested, longer arms, shorter legs, narrow

hips/slim thighs, heavily/short muscled, broad/smaller

hands and feet

Pituitary::: Large head, big breasts(F), broad chest, tall, long limbed,

medium muscles, large/long hands and feet

Thyroid::: Tall, slim, long muscled, small breast (F), thin chest, long

hands and feet

Gonadal::: Medium height, slim shouldered, small breasts, tiny waist, A-

shaped hips, heavy thighs, shorter legs, moderate hands/feet



Combination Types:


Adrenal primary:::Pituitary secondary

Stocky, broad chested, narrow hips/slim thighs with longer limbs

Adrenal primary:::Gonadal secondary

Short, stocky, broad chested with wide hips/waist and big thighs

Pituitary primary:::Adrenal secondary

Large head, big breasts(F), broad chest/shoulders, heavy muscles,

Stocky/ shorter

Pituitary primary:::Thyroid secondary

Large head, tall, slim, large breasts (F), wide chest/shoulders

Thyroid primary:::Pituitary secondary

Normal to small head, broad, strong chest/shoulders, tall, slim

Thyroid primary:::Adrenal secondary

Tall slim, strong shoulders, shorter muscles

Gonadal in Male::: may be Adrenal/Pituitary or Thyroid (rare)

drooping shoulders, soft midsection, wide hips,

bigger buttocks/thighs


Size Wise:


There are also Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorphic body types, which relate to overall size.  If a woman or man is a Thyroid metabolic type and an ectomorph, then that person will be long limbed and lean but also overall short, tiny/ small boned or wiry and tough built.  A thyroid mesomorph would be average sized and would not tend toward weight gain as long as diet and activity levels are correct for their metabolic type.  The thyroid endomorph would be of exaggerated height and could gain weight more easily.  This applies to the other metabolic types as per overall height and width. Each type retains their inherent physical structure but is small/short, medium or very tall.


The body types have differing muscle types (long and short) and hip structures, growth rates, endurance levels and nutritional needs.  When we look at the body types portrayed in the media and then examine how we are actually each made, it is clear that very few are going to match what the media is asking us to be.  Extreme weight loss will not change bone structure and may destroy energy levels.  Extreme workouts will not look the same on all body types without false augmentation.  In reviewing the four main body types, it is clear that we are not made the same and therefore we will not look the same or fit a prototype.  However, with knowledge and effort, every person can be strong, healthy and vigorous, as our ancestors were as they followed the traditional paths of life.