Synchronicity – Every-Day Miracles


What happens every day… in between the things that we notice… are all the small miracles that we so often miss the meaning thereof. Yet they are the connecting links that hold all those other parts together. They form a glue of cohesion and integration that make life an awesome string of people, events and capacities unfolding.


Wishing that you were better at some task may bring you an opportunity that both challenges your sense of yourself but also teaches you what you wanted to learn. So a demotion at work, for whatever reason, would ordinarily look like a negative occurrence. However, that event will either force you to live with the demotion and challenge your skills and mindset in a new way, or push you to look for a new job where you can develop yourself further. It might even make you throw up your hands in frustration, only to realize that getting pushed out of the nest… might be just what you needed to stoke your fire of self-belief… to become an entrepreneur!


Thinking of having a mate in life might seem an impossibility and yet saying yes to a situation that you would not ordinarily have considered, may lead you to either learning a new part of yourself that will be necessary for a wonderful love life… or even to the opportunity to meet someone who is a delight. Perhaps you have said yes to a situation that you know in your heart is not correct, whether in timing or with the person involved but you fear being alone, or being the bad guy in the relationship, who wishes to say no, or are fearful that nothing can change the other party. If your desire outshines your fears, then that change within… will bring events together to help you shift your thoughts and patterns and change the situation.


Often issues around money and managing life are difficult and can seem repetitive and unchanging. Concentrating your thoughts and energy on, not only the obvious need for the situation to be uplifted, but also on envisioning all the happy possibilities that would open up in your life, allows you to shift the energies around money and what it means to you. A pay raise, a new job, an creative opportunity or a change within… that concentrates your desire and willingness to recreate how and why and on what you spend, can bring about all the means needed to create a new and better income. Realizing that income is a means not an end. It allows freedom to choose how life will proceed and can be a strong incentive to envision the life you want and to gain it.


It is amazing how people get immensely caught up in believing that there is nothing at work in the world that can help them with their situations of life. But there are many wonderful forces at work. When we open ourselves up to these possibilities… they become probabilities… and then… through all the synchronicities that the web of life can bring to the fore… they become our realities!