Gratitude… in Advance!


It is easier to find that little seed of recognition within… when something good has already happened. After the gift has been given, we remember our Selves and are thankful for what we have received. It is far less easy to recall reasons for gratitude when nothing much has changed and what we are getting in life is not what we wanted, expected or hoped for. It is the human inclination to dwell on what seems to be missing in the picture of our life and to miss, all together, that which is in place… that which is right where it should be and will be… until we change it!


We are rarely grateful for the things that are present in our life because they are not what we had thought we would or should get. However, the reality is that… what is in place is there because it is in resonance with how we are in resonance. In other words… how we think (under the platitudes), what we feel, (not what we are willing to admit to), the ends that we ruminate on (our insistence on dwelling on the negative, missing and daunting) and the joy and love… (or lacking in those areas)… make up our resonance.


When what is present in life in the moment came into our life-stream, it came because it was in resonance with our own ‘state of Being’. At the time we may have been dismayed and unhappy or comforted and satisfied by whatever or whomever had evolved into our life-stream. However… the keynote of life is progress. Therefore… inevitably, we will become dissatisfied as we grow beyond the old resonance. Then… our dissatisfaction is projected upon the things and the persons who are in our life. They seem to be the cause of our discomfort. And yet… it is never true!


It is always within our own resonance that we find the answer to our dilemma.

When we become grateful for those things that have been in our life-stream up to that moment of realization… we can recognize just how they fulfilled… where we were at, in the time frame that they entered our life and how, as we change, grow up and develop, those things will need to change. It is certainly a great gift to recognize that it is within our power and our province… to shift those old resonances into new ones. And it is always… up to us!


When we get truly grateful… we change our resonance. When we shift internally, in an appropriate and positive way… everything in our life will shift as well. The ripple effect of resonance… spreads out to affect everyone and everything in our life-stream.   The people in our life will have to shift as well because the resonance has changed. We will find them either… stepping up and contributing to the general new resonance and amplifying it’s effect… or they will recede from the resonance, as it was not what they were in the situation for… and they will also begin to step away from the new resonance of our life and not participate. All those debilitating dilemmas, in family, work and life, begin to self-resolve simply by finding gratefulness for what is and letting that lead to conclusions as to why the things of life were in place… as well as, where the things of your life can and should move to.


As one practices finding gratefulness for what is… rather than scrambling for what isn’t, there develops a habitual state of gratitude for all that has been, is and will be.

We become “a state of gratitude”… ever resonating on that plane.

The existence of the Human Being is predicated on this resonance of gratitude… in advance of all that will Be. The conceptual conclusion is that the very

attitude of gratitude

is what then resonates to

all parameters of our life and creates what will Be

in our life from then on.

                                                           Only Good Things!