Have you ever watched children at play? They think with their bodies!  It’s so interesting to watch.  They gesture and flail.  They squat and look.  They reach with such complete earnest intention when they want something.

Adults have had years and years to unlearn our natural human proclivity.  To move and stretch and get involved!

We naturally want to move and even groove, but we don’t allow ourselves because we have been strapped to chairs, immobilized by desks, indentured to proper behavior and made lazy by ease.  What luck!  We have been told that we should be grateful to have whatever amount of ease we do have.  We have been cautioned to not exceed the bounds of whatever our society’s needs may be. We have been duped that any ease we can wrangle, is best for us.

Now, this is not to say that over work and undue hard labour are good for us.  Too much of anything is never good for us.  We are, surely, a creature of moderation.  But…. have we re-described moderation, until it has become nil? It is important for modern people to realize that we have thousands of years of habit and use of our physical selves behind us, that require attention.


Constant movement of great variation, with restful periods interspersed, is the way man has always lived.


Upon arising, stretch, step and drink.  The natural man gets up, steps outside to breath deeply of the fragrant morning mist and the scent of the land and then walks to his water source to drink and replenish.  He returns to lift and carry and build and create, throughout his day.  He breaks for rest, observance of nature and man, hunger and the society of his fellows.  His day is full with contributions to his family and his community.  He stretches, squats, lifts, carries, throws, catches, runs, walks, balances and leaps.  These are his movements, repeated through the day as he accomplishes his tasks.  He is quiet, thoughtful and social in turns.


Most of us believe that we cannot follow these very basic rules of living and accomplish natural flexibility, strength and agility.


But — if we pay attention to all our opportunities, we can do just that.  Even if we live far from work and must drive, or we dwell in a large building or have to sit at a desk all day (and maybe a T.V. all night), we can get moving and make it ….



                                     in three minutes or less


Step out onto your lawn or porch (or open a window) and breath in, till

our lungs are full (repeat)

With or with out small dumb bells or weights in your hands:

stretch your body in all directions

bend backward and hold,

bend forward with arms out front and hold

stretch your arms out, at your side down facing,

up facing,

back facing and repeat

(down, up backward)

still stretching arms out — lower down to toes and relax into it

stretch – reaching foreword and slowly down to toes

come up (arms front)and squat down

stretch your legs, lunging to one side then the other

stretch inner thigh of straight leg

add a twist of the waist, in opposite direction– pushing arm out


stretch your calves – down, even, then up on toes (repeat)

(turn toes in, then out – repeat down, mid, up)

stretch your neck side to side – shoulder to shoulder front and back

turtle elongate (front/back)

circle head  – (clockwise and counter clockwise)

circle eyes – (clockwise/ counterclockwise)

stretch eyes — look up/down/ 3:00-9:00-3:00-9:00

then 2:00-8:00  and 10:00-4:00  (repeat)

look far then near without moving head (repeat)

stretch whole body back /front / side to side / lunge and twist/ out front and down to toes — squat and up

cycle head — circle arms – shoulder high (forward circle/backward circle)

stand and relax – notice each area and its release from tension


drink 14-20 oz of water with apple cider vinegar

or the juice of 1 lemon/lime

If you are working at a desk, stuck inside for hours, at home with small children, are feeling old, depressed, weak, tired

repeat this short exercise every hour or two — you will be amazed how easy it is to remember, how quickly it is accomplished,

and how much better you feel, each and every day!