Dr. Kate Brooks offers Health and Emotional Counseling:

Health, both physical and emotional, is a process of re-education toward harmony.  Whenever there is illness or mal-adjustment, the mind and body have become deranged from normalcy.  Sometimes the problems originate from deficiencies of nutrients, sometimes from malfunction of an organ or system.  Certainly how any person feels about life and in what manner that person is reacting to difficult situations over time, can all influence degraded health… of mind or body.

Emotions are strong stimulants and deeply affect the physical state.  The physical state can exacerbate emotions and complicate a person’s health.  All of these aspects are critical to understanding the particular point you find yourself at as well as recognizing what aspects need re-educating toward center… harmony and balance.  Whether supplements or energy work, life understandings or physical rehabilitation, there are many ways that can assist this process.  Choosing the most appropriate modalities and applying them in the most advantageous manner are what will make the difference for your long-term prospects.

The purpose of offering distance Coaching is to make years of understandings garnered from my medical practice, available to as many people as possible.  Whether you are requesting an hour of time or require more intensive assistance, the Couching process is designed to give you practical information and a program to work from.


Health coaching will be based on your physical history and present conditions.  If there are several areas of concern, it will be important to tackle the most fundamental issues first and once that level of intervention has shown rectification, other needs can be worked on.  All health coaching is based on principles of natural care.  Natural care takes time and absolute investment from the client to reap the rewards.  Understanding your physical issues and resolving them toward healthy balance is a process.  Amazing changes can take place, as the body is re-educated toward harmony of function.

Emotional-Energetic coaching is designed to help each individual to gain new points of view on what the problem is really about, why it has come into place and what can be done to work through the issue.  Finding relief from misunderstanding, difficult life scenarios and harrowing heaps of life’s disappointments can correct the course of life, clarify the reasoning powers and nullify the pain of past experiences and present interpretations.  Life is Good and Emotional-Energetic counseling is the means to live that life!

Every person has their strengths and their weaknesses.  There are no perfect persons and so… there are no perfect lives.  The point of this life is that… it is a workshop.  We have all the elements in place to work on Soul Issues and Life Problems.  Doing that work is so fundamentally important and leads to amazing freedom.  Freedom from the pile up of life’s difficulties allows every person the joy of reaping all that life has to offer!


We live in the information age and yet, the immense amount of information that is available in the world, can become overwhelming.  The courses offered by Dr. Kate Brooks to the public, will take particular topics and create an overview and a point of view from which the individual can then work.

Every effort will be made to cover a spectrum of topics that are designed to assist each person’s life and make sense of the immense amount of information available today.  Information is wonderful but making all of that material come together in a sensible and practicable manner is even more important.