What inspired you to write a book on relationships?

  • 1) I was inspired because — as I worked on my discovery process… I realized that we are in ‘Relationship’ to everything in the Universe and Everyone on the Earth… at every moment in time! Our lives are based on the Relationships we engage in!
  • 2) But that said… we seem to experience a great deal of confusion, indifference and dysfunction in our relating.
  • I passionately believe that if we are to resolve the issues confronting us in the world, on a global scale…. Then we must first and foremost… resolve our concepts about relating to one another on a more personal level…and that will extrapolate to the global level!

What would you like to tell our listeners about the importance of this book?

  2. TIE THAT BINDS OR THE TIE THAT SETS US FREE! We have choice in this.
  3. What this book is speaking to is understanding and rebuilding our innate
  4. Loving Capacity. When we understand ourselves in terms of what we meant to be in this life, then we can be done with so many of the things that make life seem difficult.

From personal strife…. to war between groups and nations


If you could name three things that listeners would most benefit from, what would those be?

  • Firstly… the recognition that we are all truly ‘known and loved’ — even it doesn’t always feel that way. I think this is so important to understand because — no one wants to feel alone or lonely, bereft or lost… without the comfort of love. So, we have to learn to acknowledge our selves as a Soul … worthy of being ‘known and loved! And we are Known and Loved even when the people and situations of our lives don’t seem to be telling us that message!
  • Secondly… recognition that this world is a workshop—not an art gallery
  • Life will always present us with problematic situations and people — we need to develop our clarity about why these events, situations and persons are in place, what we gain and learn from them… and that it is our choice to either …react to them or respond to them. When we are reacting to things – we feel out of control and upset When we respond – we have self-control and understanding – so life is much less challenging Sacred Relationships: Psychology for the Soul – goes into the reasons we react and how we can learn to respond.


  • Thirdly… We need to understand that there is a structure within our relating to one another… each one of us acts as a Guardian/benefactor/ defender/ educator/ mentor/ helpmate/ and a supplicant The earth and all that live upon it, toward everyone, to all younger, to all ages, to mate, to the celestial (however anyone may view that) Through greater acceptance of these innate roles… we can find deep and profound JOY……. And a far greater ability to function… well and happily…It is so IMPORTANT that we become more and more clear that we have to re-orient ourselves and our concepts about life….It is crucial to understand and to remind ourselves that JOY is the barometer of life. Not hardship, nor hard work nor hard feelings But JOY! More than… I’m ok… I’m fine… we often say these things even when we don’t feel them… because we don’t think that anyone really cares!


WE HAVE THE RIGHT AND THE OBLIGATION FOR THE SAKE OF OUR SELVES AND ALL THOSE THAT WE INTERACT WITH… TO get up in the morning feeling excited to be who we are and to be doing what we get to do AND WITH WHOM WE ARE WITH!

Knowing that whatever there is to surmount… ANYTHING that you want to change…… anything that you can see is out of kilter that you have the means within you and the Universal support to accomplish it…

By evaluating our JOY quotient…WE CAN CALIBRATE… how well WE ARE “BEING” ON OUR TRUE PATH Or… if our JOY quotient isn’t that great… we may have inadvertently wandered away from it and let the ‘things of life’ get the better of us!



What are the mistakes most commonly made in relationships?

Ultimately… we need to learn how to reconnect within so that we can reconnect in mutually beneficial ways to our outer world and everyone we encounter within it.

Most people think that our relational issues are…. WITH SOME ONE ELSE OR SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF OUR SELVES… but the ANSWERS TO OUR RELATIONSHIP ISSUES are always within our SELF. The best medicine for relationships… is to recondition our own Loving CapacityOne thing we can do is… practice the art of being honest with our self….

We can learn to discern…What things of our past we are really reacting to when we have to confront something or someone that appears to be problematic. We have the ability to redirect our thoughts and actions so that we are able to resolve issues… sometimes before they even get to be a problem.

Secondlywe can learn the art of consultation. This will allow anyone to truly acknowledge their rightful contributions, as well as the contributions of others and make mutually beneficial decisions.

Thirdly… we can learn from what life throws at us and decide to inculcate a higher level of response. One way to do that is to foster the qualities and attributes of character that will assist us to each become a better Human Being. TOLERANCE GRATEFULNESS COURAGE COMPASSION GENTLENESS HUMOR

All these wonderful attributes are available to us – and we have the choice to make them a part of our Being!

When you speak of relationships, what does your book focus on that is new and different?

The book focuses on understanding our Selves and how we really think and function. Instead of seeing what is not working well in our relating, we can attend to HEALING OUR SOUL SELF — RIGHT DOWN TO THE DNA! Sacred Relationships: Psychology for the Soul is a revelation of what Relationship is meant to be…And how to reinvigorate our sense of our truest Self and our innate wisdom As well as… our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing!


I am a factual philosopher and I am fascinated by how the ‘facts’ come together and work into a synergy that can grant Humanity understanding. It is my unending quest to find the harmony of elements that make any precise intrinsic particle relate to any other certain and particular piece… of the endless and truly amazing puzzle of life. I have spent my life dwelling upon all the parts and how they relate to the whole. I wanted answers from the youngest age and I realized as I grew older, that everyone had, in their own fashion, also been trying to sort through all the philosophic renderings and scientific understandings, religious dogmas and spiritual beliefs that have been proposed through time.

It seems to me that we need a map. If we are to progress on a global level, then we must build a global infrastructure that supports our efforts. If this millennium is bringing us together, able to speak and view each other and become familiar in ways that mankind has never before been able to, then we need to build a common language, a way to speak of these things. We need a map that serves as a guide, so we can find the Universal Understandings that assist us in configuring our own understandings. We need to develop a commonality of comprehension that transcends all those differing means of deciphering the whole.

It seems imperative that if a foundation is laid, and a scaffold is built, then we can be more collaborative in our ongoing quest to define our world and refine our function within it. We will have, in this new millennium, a continuously greater need to find the common threads that run through the varied ways that Human Beings have tried to make sense of life. It makes no difference what the language we collectively form turns out to be, and even the particulars will not hold relevance for each and every person, but the basic understandings and the formulas that are Universal do need to find a framework so that we can better explore them.

The most primordial and foundational piece of each life and our collective life is Relationship. In the following pages, we pursue a pathway, explore a mapping and evolve a perspective: unique as each individual and collaborative as all of the entities within the whole. As we enter upon the New Millennium, it is vital that we define what relationships we inherently hold and how to navigate and rebuild the ones we choose.

Life is meant to be a Path of Joy.

It cannot become so if we are lost and wandering on pathways that confuse us and render us helpless in our perspective.

Life is meant to be a Path of Joy.

It can become so when we gain a mutual language, understanding, compassion for and pursuit of… the Greater Good.

With Sincerity,

Dr. Kate Pola Brooks